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Free Serial Numbers for Canon EOS & Dazzle (DVC-100) - Get the FREE Software for Free!

Everyone knows that getting serial numbers for paid software - that you don't own - is illegal. But what if you do own the software? Okay, let us make the situation a bit simpler. How does this work for free software? Many large companies will post their free software on the web and let you get copies whenever needed. Yet some companies do this, but require you to give them your product's serial number beforehand in order to download the respective software; or input it afterwards to have the software open. Enter Canon and Dazzle.

I wanted to start with Dazzle as it is not nearly as well-known as Canon, and it is less likely that you will need to use it since this is really a specialty product. Dazzle has numerous products that concentrate on recording from devices to your PC. Originally, their devices were focused on digitizing VHS. It seems that they are more geared towards digitizing DVD, and logically so.

The DVC-100 was one of Dazzle's early models. It was small, popular, and easy-to-use. The model has been updated since that time, but little has changed from a technology standpoint.

I first got this model many, many years ago. It cost me around $100+ brand new. The price is still around $90 new, and can be somewhat cheaper on eBay. I guess you really don't fix what's not broken.

That Dazzling Recorder Software
The software to download from their site is the "Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder Setup". I believe the software is mainly just for recording but has some additional features like basic editing. Most would think this would be a free download, as there are many alternatives for their additional features that are far superior. But no, Dazzle wants to make sure you cannot use their product unless you have their serial. Oh, you bought it used? So? We're too busy to separate the basic recording software from everything else!

Oh, Canada
Those Canucks come in handy sometimes, and this is one shining example. When the Dazzle DVC-100 was released in Canada there were some issues regarding the serial numbers. It seemed that many of them simply did not work. How did Dazzle fix such a large-scale issue?

Dazzle decided that instead of addressing each case individually, why not kill a bunch of loonies with one stone? They created one serial number that would work on any of their DVC-100 products. Of course, this was only meant for Canadian consumers. However, there is still an article on their website that gives it out.

Serial #
I came across this serial number because I had lent out my DVC-100 to my friend's mother. She never used it and ended up losing the software disc. I had bought it in-store several years prior and no longer had the receipt.


I have tested this a couple different times and it has always worked for me. Here is a software version that I have saved in case you can't find a newer one.

If you don't know Canon then you probably have never gone shopping for a camera, lens, printer, scanner, or any other number of items Canon produces. They are a world-renowned Japanese company known for their quality products.

Canon cameras have been around for decades and have is one of the biggest contenders in the field along with Nikon. They have many consumers cameras that are excellent and revered by many. But their professional lineup is what the hubbub is all about.

EOS (Electro-Optical System) has been their current professional lineup since 1987. It has always been a mainstay for professional photographers, and in recent years has become a great and inexpensive choice for amateur and professional videographers looking for exceptional quality.

EOS Utility
EOS cameras come with specialized Canon software. One such piece of software is the EOS Utility. This utility is mainly meant for updating an EOS camera's firmware to fix or improve certain issues. Some people do not bother or feel the need to update their camera's firmware. Others are just too afraid to do it.

However, even if you use profiles like Cinestyle from Technicolor, you will need the EOS Utility to load it onto the camera. And if you are a Magic Lantern fan, you may need to upgrade your firmware to a supported firmware version before your EOS camera can take advantage of it.

Smile! You're On Canon Camera's... Software Site. 
Canon has made the EOS Utility available on their website as either an updater or as part of their package mimicking the contents of the CD that should have come with your EOS camera. You can download the updater files without a serial number, but if you do not already have the software, how does that help?

If you want to download the actual EOS Utility you will be need a valid serial number from an EOS camera in order to download a product. Simple enough if you have the camera with you, a pain if not.

The Old Workaround
In the past, you could download the Mac DMG file for the EOS Utility and use a Mac to extract the proper contents (since it actually held the full EOS Utility inside), and use it from there. This no longer works with newer versions.

The New Workaround
This involves registry hacks and other steps depending on whether you have a Mac or Windows OS. This information can be found here - along with the old workaround. If you really want to spend a lot of unnecessary time, go for it!

Serial #
The EOS software is the same for any of the EOS cameras. All you need is any EOS camera serial number and you can download their packaged software. The following serial number is posted publicly on the web.

Serial Number: 0330113672

NOTE: If you are looking for the ImageBrowser EX, Digital Photo Professional, Picture Style Editor, or PhotoStitch software from Canon, this method will be exactly the same as the package that contains the EOS Utility also contains all the aforementioned software.

I hope this helps anyone who buys a DVC-100 and loses their CD, or bought it used without one. I also hope this helps anyone looking for the Canon EOS software. I myself have had to go through both these situations and was extremely glad I was able to find this information. Best of all, nothing illegal or complicated needs to be done to obtain this software.

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