Tuesday, October 29, 2013

4.3 Rollouts for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 & Sony Xperia Z Ultra! 4.2 For Sony Xperia L! Get them while their hot!

Still hanging on to that Samsung Galaxy S3? Or tired of being second fiddle to the Note 3? Well if you're a Galaxy S3 or S4 owner, today may be your lucky day!

KitKat - Android 4.3

AT&T Galaxy S3 (i747)
If you have a Galaxy S3 and you're using the US AT&T carrier, you're can now download an official leaked version of KitKat, Android 4.3! Get it here. If you are on a different carrier you'll still have to wait until November, unless the Samsung leaks that have been frequent as of late continue...

Verizon Galaxy S4 (VRUEMJ7)
If you have a Galaxy S4 from Verizon then you too now have an official leaked KitKat version! Be careful though, this is a 4.3 OTA for build VRUEMJ7. If you're on the older build, you might want to stay away if treasure the ability to use custom ROMs... Get it here.

SAMSUNG USERS: Upgrading to 4.3 will install the Knox security feature, which will let Samsung know you "rooted" and more (if you do that sort of thing) if you try to send it in under warranty, essentially voiding your warranty. It is advised to wait until a "fix" is available...

Sony Xperia Z Ultra
There is no official leak of KitKat for the Xperia Z (yet), but if you like Cyanogenmod, they are now making nightlies of CM10.2 (Android 4.3)! Get CM10.2 here, and don't forget to flash Gapps immediately afterwards!

Jelly Bean - Android 4.2

Sony Xperia L
If you picked up the Xperia L (acclaimed for it's features and budget price), then you'll be happy to know you can now upgrade to Jelly Bean, Android 4.2! Why get it? It boasts improvements over Jelly Bean 4.1 including an improved camera, better UI, and apps! Get it here.

This is just a quick post I wanted to get out to the masses before my life gets too hectic, or, more hectic than it already is. I know I have been posting quite a bit on smartphones lately, but I will come out with some other technological material very soon.

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